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IOR/EOR Talent and Technology.

About Belgrave

Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp. is a private petroleum development company. Its primary focus is the development and application of high-impact Improved/Enhanced oil recovery technology (IOR/EOR) to increase oil and gas production, improve recovery and add reserves.

Conventional primary and secondary recovery methods will produce only about one-third of the oil discovered. Under current economic conditions tens of billions of barrels of additional oil could be recovered in North America alone, with the successful application of existing EOR technology.

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August 17th 2017

Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp presented at the Enercom Oilfield Tech & Innovation session in Denver, Colorado ...  

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August 2nd 2017

Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp. (BOGC) is pleased to announce our partnership with the Sinclair Group, Texas. The Partnership (Sinclair Group Energy Texas, SGET) utilizes BOGC's proprietary Air Injection technology to rehabilitate mature depleted oilfields in South Texas ...  

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April 13th 2017

We are pleased to announce a cooperation agreement with Viper Drill LLC. Under this agreement, Dr. Belgrave will sit on the advisory board as well as represent the innovative Viper Drill mechanical radial drilling system to various NOC and E&P producers around the world ...  

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