Christmas In La Hormiga
December 2010

Belgrave Oil And Gas Corp. believes strongly in supporting our partner communities. In 2010, one of our employees travelled to Lla Hormiga, Colombia to oversee our community Christmas celebration event. La Hormiga is near Colombia's southern border with Ecuador. One hundred children participated. Food, music and a church service constituted a small part of the nine day celebration which in Colombia is known as la Novena. 
We look forward to continuing involvement with this community.

Special thanks to all the extraordinary volunteers from Ecopetrol and surrounding community who helped make this special event a success:

Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp. Employees
Lyda Perez, Paula Tamayo, Zhully Ortiz, Manuel Solarte, Edwin Martínez, Odis Paz (ECOPETROL S.A.)
María Paz, Mirta Paz, Dolly Fernandez, Alexander Gómez, María Chávez, Marlin Paz (Proaseo Ltda.)
áez, Milly Gómez, Ariel López, Luzdary Aldas, Marlen De Solarte, Alejandro Solarte, Gabriela Solarte, Milton Paz, Luis Narváez, Dilfre Cancimance, Ismenia Goyes

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