About Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp.

About Us

Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp. is a private petroleum development company. Its primary focus is the development and application of high-impact Improved/Enhanced oil recovery technology (IOR/EOR) to increase oil and gas production, improve recovery and add reserves.

Conventional primary and secondary recovery methods will produce only about one-third of the oil discovered. Under current economic conditions tens of billions of barrels of additional oil could be recovered in North America alone, with the successful application of existing EOR technology.

Application of proven high-impact EOR methods, however, has been limited for the most part because of steep learning curves in their design, implementation and operation. For example, air injection continues to remain esoteric and out-of-favor despite the fact that it has been economically successful over a broader range of reservoir types than any other EOR process. Its effectiveness is not constrained by oil type, rock permeability, reservoir depth, pressure, temperature or connate water salinity. Recovery factors in the range 50% - 90% of the original oil-in-place have been achieved where reservoir dip was significant and used to advantage. Properly engineered, air injection is capable of commercially rehabilitating depleted watered-out light-oil and steamflooded heavy oil pools.

Today, implementation of high-impact recovery technologies is critical due to the:

  • increasing demand for oil
  • difficulties in finding new major deposits
  • pressing requirements for lower environmental impact and capital conservation that will come from extending the producing lives of known accumulations.