Health, Saftey and Environment Moving Towards Zero Discharge

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Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 11:43 AM

A Texas family has won a $2.925 million judgment against an energy corporation over damage to health and property caused by fracking operations. Bob and Lisa Parr sued Aruba Petroleum in 2011 for damages to their 40-acre ranch and for a host of health problems they and their daughter Emma have suffered from. Aruba Petroleum operate 22 wells within two miles of the Parr's property.

Attorneys for the Parrs said this suit was the first fracking trial in the United States. While this is not the first lawsuit against an energy company for damages related to fracking, it is common for plaintiffs to settle. Those settlements sometimes include strict gag orders, such as one 2013 settlement that barred two young children from talking about fracking for their entire lives.

During the trial, Robert Parr testified that his family could no longer drink the water from their well and that his daughter sometimes woke up covered in blood thanks to debilitating nose bleeds.

Aruba Petroleum plans to appeal the jury's decision. At the trial, the company's lawyers argued that since there are dozens of other drilling operations in the area, it was not possible to prove that it was its wells that caused harm to the Parr family. Most of the other companies sued by the Parrs have settled.

Reference, April 23rd 2014.