Latest News Miscible CO2 continues to eclipse steam injection in US EOR Production

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Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 12:23 PM

According to the Oil & Gas Journal's 2014 EOR/Heavy Oil Survey, production from US miscible CO2 floods totals 292,735 b/d versus 284,725 b/d for steam.

The miscible 2 production rate is 5% below its level of the previous OGJ survey (published in 2012), and accounts for 38% of US output from EOR. Production from steam injection has decreased by 6% from 2012.

Total US miscible CO2 projects dominates at 109 in 2014 (in 2012 the was 112), while the number of steam projects remains at 48 in 2014.

Total oil production by EOR in the US is now 778,048, according to OGJ's survey, up 2% from 2012.

Reference, April 7th 2014.