Viper Drill Cooperation
Agreement Announcement

Belgrave Oil & Gas Corp. is pleased to announce a Cooperation Agreement with Viper Drill LLC, a U.S.-based company. Under this agreement, Dr. Belgrave will sit on the advisory board as well as represent the innovative Viper Drill mechanical radial drilling system to various NOC and E&P producers around the world. These cooperation efforts will be of primary benefit to Oil & Gas producers whose existing reservoirs need cost-effective, high impact IOR techniques to accelerate and improve hydrocarbon recovery.

Viper Drilling Ltd. LogoViper Drill has developed a highly-affordable frac-less system to stimulate oil and gas production. The Viper Drill IOR process creates a series of radial drainage tunnels or 'mini-horizontals' that extend outward from a wellbore, like spokes on a wheel. This patented and patent-pending technology uses a PDC bit and a robust mechanical drilling system to produces a series of long-lasting drainage tunnels that extend into hydrocarbon reservoirs—to distances far beyond the constrictive and often-damaged near wellbore area. Originally envisioned nearly 100 yrs ago, this technology was developed and in-part validated by the U.S. Dept of Energy / RPSEA.

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