On the irrational resistance
to air injection EOR

Canadian Heavy Oil Association; Dr. Belgrave Talk

“What continues to be mystifying is that although:

  • Air injection has the highest unit displacement efficiency and has been successful in essentially every reservoir/geological setting (reservoir pressure, temperature, depth, permeability, water salinity, and rock mineralogy have virtually no impact on the process),
  • Air injection is proven as an effective tertiary process in both heavy and light oil reservoirs, and as a method for sand control,
  • Air is the only EOR injectant that costs nothing, there are no associated supply, transportation, and storage issues,
  • The operational challenges associated air injection are similar to those of chemical, CO2 and steam injection processes (e.g. emulsion formation, corrosion, carbon dioxide emission).

operators have not generally embraced air injection technology.”

– Dr. John Belgrave, at the CHOA/SPE Slugging it Out one-day conference, April 11th, 2011, Calgary

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