Russian Interview
With Dr. John Belgrave
by Oil and Gas Vertical magazine
- Нефтегазовая Вертикаль

Dr. John Belgrave was recently interviewed and featured in the Februrary 2016 issue of the Oil and Gas Vertical Magazine.

The entire interview in Russian can be found at or can be downloaded here download pdf

Seen here are chief geologists, chief executives and technical experts from various oil and gas companies together with the leading Russian scientists were discussing global tight oil fields development. Russian and foreign experts shared their experience of tight oil development in Canada, Russia and CIS, discussed special aspects of well constructions and technologies used. In a joint project of the Moscow Petroleum Institute and journal "Oil and Gas Vertical" the main speaker of the event, Dr. John Belgrave spoke on: World experience on improving oil recovery, and recent technological trends and prospects for oil and gas exploitation globally. In his opinion, current high impact technologies have long been known, however implementation has been problematic due to fragmentation in body of knowledge and best practices as well as lack of requisite expertise.

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