Strategic Partnering

Partner With Belgrave

Belgrave Oil and Gas Corp. is currently seeking opportunities where we can provide high impact IOR technology, capital development planning, and project implementation.

Our primary focus is the rehabilitation of mature and underexploited oil and gas fields. The company’s IOR/EOR experience includes design, optimization and implementation of:

  • rehabilitation of mature, depleted or high-water cut oil and gas reservoirs
  • air injection in light/heavy oil reservoirs, as a post-steam injection follow-up, and for top heating and pressure maintenance in gas caps
  • steam/SAGD with and without solvents
  • proprietary ASHORETM technology for incremental recovery from wormholed (CHOPS) reservoirs
  • chemical injection
  • water injection
  • horizontal wells to improve oil recovery in gas-cap / bottom water reservoirs

Please visit our Technology section for a description of some of our proprietary technology that we intend to implement globally.

We are interested in consulting as well as working and revenue interest strategic partnerships.